Orthopaedic surgeon specialising             in hand and upper limb surgery,          including hand & wrist, elbow, and shoulder
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After the decision has been made to progress to surgical management, you will be provided with information regarding your surgery and hospital admission.


You are required to contatct the hospital prior to surgery to complete your admission paperwork.

You should contact Dr Frederiksen’s rooms if you commence any medications prior to surgery. Medications that alter your body’s wound healing (rheumatoid drugs) or the way the blood clots (aspirin, warfarin, clopidegrel) may have to be stopped before your operation. If you are required to cease any of your medication prior to surgery, other alternative medications may need to be prescribed.  If you are unsure of the medications you are taking and how they will affect your surgery please contact Dr Frederiksen's rooms.  Only cease your medications under the direction of Dr Frederiksen, his anaesthetist or a medical professional.


In the 2 weeks prior to surgery take care to avoid scratches or wounds in the area of surgery.  These wounds or active infections elsewhere in the body may result in the postponement of your surgery.