Orthopaedic surgeon specialising             in hand and upper limb surgery,          including hand & wrist, elbow, and shoulder
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Day of Surgery

The hospital will provide you with instructions to follow leading up to and on the day of your surgery.  Before arriving at the hospital you should bathe and wash your hair with plain unscented soaps. Avoid using deodorants, powders or creams, make up and nail polish.  Also remove any jewellery or piercings. 


You should bring with you:

  • Information provided by Dr Frederiksen.
  • Copies of xrays and scans pertaining to your condition.
  • Glasses, hearing aids etc with the appropriate cases.
  • Physical aids, slings or braces provided preoperatively or that help you mobilise.
  • Medicare/DVA pharmacy or safety net cards.
  • Credit card (or other means of payment).
  • Private Health Insurance cards.
  • All medications in their packaging.
  • CPAP machine for sleep apnoea

Take note of the information provided by each facility of the list of items you should not take to hospital. They may not be able to guarantee the security of items of value, including large sums of cash, jewellery or other expensive items.

You will be informed by Dr Frederiksen’s staff of what time to present to hospital for surgery. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Dr Frederiksen’s rooms to clarify this time.